Beyond Belief: The Enigmatic Journey of Ifa’t and Her Extraordinary Heart-Shaped Head


A rapidly expanding tᴜmoг has аffeсted 2-week-old Muhammad Nafi from birth. Farmers Mailani, 22, and Buasin, 32, who reside in a rural district of weѕt Kalimantan, are heartbroken to learn that their second kid has been diagnosed with this life-tһгeаtenіnɡ condition.

A newborn baby in Indonesia has a tumor on the right side of their face, causing their head to deform into a heart shape.

Ms. Mailani shared, “I am very worried and don’t know what to do to help my child. I can only rely on fate.” The young mother also added that her son weighed over 3 kg at birth and she had no issues during her pregnancy. Due to the distance from the hospital, the initial medication for baby Nafi was bought from stores in nearby villages. Currently, baby Nafi is receiving care at St. Antonius Hospital in Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan province, and his parents, Mr. Buasin and his wife, are working to earn money for his treatment.

buasin confesses: “What else should I do? I am very confused and can only accept the truth.” Now, buasin and his wife are only calling for help from kind people to be able to remove the tumor in their son’s head. However, doctors say that surgery can only be performed when baby Nafi is at least 3 months old.

Experts say that the surgery, if performed, would be quite risky due to the tumor causing a skull fracture and affecting the functioning of the right eye. Nafi will need to undergo further examinations to determine if other parts are affected as well.

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