An encounter with an abandoned dog that nearly killed her exposes cruelty, the desperate need for affection, and the depths of her despair


A near-unrecognizable Alabai breed dog (Central Asian Shepherd) was found laying near garages in the city of Nalchik, Russia.

The loving volunteers at KP took Almira in (that’s the name they had given her) and began her arduous recovery process. The little town didn’t have the tools and means to rescue her, so they took her to Moscow. Then, the good-hearted locals rallied with their dogs to donate blood for transfusion and helped with other needs. She refused to eat or go. But in time, she gained some confidence and strength. The volunteers noticed that her wagging tail was a good omen. The owner of the animal rescue shelter also remarked on her unusual strength and will to live.

Liza reported about Almira’s current state exclusively for Bored Panda. “Now Almira feels better, but unfortunately we have some problems with her weight, it’s not so easy to get her fit because of her health. We’re working on it. Almira is so glad to be with a human! She can’t sleep alone, only with someone who can take care of her,” she told. “Two months ago she couldn’t stand on her legs and now she goes first on the walk”

“Now we have two candidates for Almira, but all of them have some difficulties, so we want to find someone better. I rescue dogs with my friend Elena, we are just people who love animals and help them with our followers. We mainly deal with dogs with disabilities and problems with health,” she continued.

“Unfortunately, in our country, there are no working laws that protect animals and they are often thrown away like a broken toy. Our mission is to cure and find a home and show a personal example that people need to care about them. And of course, all of them need human love.”

After a long journey of 3 months, Almira now lives with 6 other dogs in the shelter, when before, she was isolated and neglected. The shelter is actively looking for new owners for Almira, as she still needs constant supervision and support from a veterinarian due to her health problems: she has pervading problems with weight and diseases. Let’s hope she’ll soon find a comfy and happy home where she may finally rest from her previous life.

It’s essential to remember that incidents like the one you described are not representative of all breeders or the wider community of animal lovers. Many people and organizations work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and advocate for animal welfare.

By supporting and engaging with these organizations, raising awareness, and promoting responsible pet ownership, we can work together to create a more compassionate and caring society for all animals.

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