An announcement regarding the most hazardous helicopter

The helicopter is a very effective means of delivering goods, rescuing people, and also for military use, including as an attack weapon.

From their first appearance during the Second World War to the present day, helicopters have been an indispensable tool in military conflicts.

Attack helicopters have been a deadly and highly effective weapon for many armies of the world for almost half a century.

Their main task is to find and destroy complex and small targets on land. At the same time, modern attack helicopters can hit sea and even air targets.

Since their appearance, these machines have been used in almost all conflicts and have shown their value, sometimes acting as the only means of fire support for ground forces.

The most effective attack helicopters are capable of fighting armored vehicles, which is their main task.

Which ones are the best? Find out in our video! We present to your attention the rating of the best modern attack helicopters in the world!

MOST DANGEROUS Helicopter Has Been Announced

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