An 8-year-old girl discloses Taylor Swift’s response when Jason Kelce carried her to an NFL suite


Ella Piazza, the 8-year-old who had an unforgettable encounter with Taylor Swift thanks to Jason Kelce, continues to make headlines after her heartwarming experience at the NFL game on January 21.

Jason Kelce

This young girl had the day of her dreams, all thanks to a combination of Taylor Swift’s star power and the generosity of Jason Kelce, brother of NFL player Travis Kelce.

While cheering on his brother at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game, Jason took it upon himself to help Ella fulfill her wish of meeting Taylor Swift.

Videos circulating on social media capture the heartwarming moment when Jason, a father of three daughters himself, hoisted Ella into the air to catch the attention of the Grammy-winning singer, showing her a handmade poster in the process.

Donna Kelce, Taylor Swift, and Ed Kelce

Ella, who has been a Taylor Swift fan since the tender age of 5, couldn’t contain her excitement. She explained her adoration for Taylor, saying, “I like her personality and how she sings.

And when I heard that she was going to the Bills game I thought, ‘Yeah! Buffalo Bills plus Taylor Swift equals best first game ever!’”

To maximize their chances of spotting the “Love Story” artist, Ella and her mom, Jessica, made special preparations for the event. Ella wore an “In my playoff era” sweater, sported friendship bracelets, and proudly displayed a “best first game ever” sign.

Brittany Mahomes, Jason Kelce, and Taylor Swift

Luck was on their side when they managed to swap seats with friends during halftime, positioning them directly in front of the luxury suite where Taylor Swift was seated, along with a shirtless Jason Kelce, his wife Kylie Kelce, and his parents, Donna and Ed Kelce.

Ella recounted the thrilling moment when Jason stepped out of the suite, beer in hand, to interact with fans nearby. “Jason drank his beer and then he opened up the window,” Ella recalled. “He climbed out of the suite and gave the girl next to us a photo, and then he said, ‘Let’s show Taylor this sign.’”

However, it was Taylor’s heartwarming response that truly made Ella’s day unforgettable. “Taylor smiled,” Ella gushed, demonstrating how the singer enthusiastically waved at her. “She was so happy and she did like this with her hand.”

Overwhelmed with joy, Ella couldn’t hold back her tears when she returned to her seat. “Like oh my goodness,” she exclaimed, “I feel like shocked and happy at the same time.”

Brittany Mahomes, Jason Kelce, and Taylor Swift

Jason Kelce’s actions on that day truly embodied the spirit of a dedicated father.

He and his wife, Kylie, have three daughters of their own: Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, who was just 10 months old at the time.

Even young Elliotte couldn’t resist commenting on her dad’s shirtless appearance, humorously remarking to her grandmother, “Dad’s boobs are showing!”

This heartwarming story of Ella’s dream coming true and the Kelce family’s wholesome antics at the Chiefs game will surely continue to bring smiles to people’s faces.

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