Aliens On Mercury: NASA Photos Of “Alien City” Are 100% Proof Of Life, UFO Expert Says

I am also baffled by the discovery of such a massive structure that has never been seen on a Martian sphere. UFO researcher Scott Waring discovered the map while using Mercury’s online map, so the map is available.

According to the measuring device at the bottom of the map, the massive object is arched like a giant portal, 5 kilometers wide and over 7 kilometers high. Yes, you read that right. I just shook my head as I wrote this.

If you click on the link I will post at the end of this article, you will be able to see it in person and compare its dimensions with the map in the lower right corner of the ruler.

While Mercury’s scorching surface is not conducive to life as we know it, an  alien hunter  believes it could harbor an entire city of extraterrestrials.

According to prominent ufologist Scott C Waring, NASA’s Mariner 10  spacecraft  photographed a bizarre anomaly in the planet’s Tolstoj quadrilateral region in 1974. Sharing the discovery on his ET Data Base blog, Waring dubbed it “100% proof of life”.

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