Akon is the owner of a unique villa that many billionaires want to have


Despite his widespread fаme as a musician, Akon appears to have ventured into the metro Atlanta real estate market.




Less than two months after selling another of his metro properties that had been posted since May, Akon reportedly made an offer on his three-year-old Alpharetta property, according to the Los Angeles Times.







While the house he had just sold was brand-new and the indoor bowling alley was still under construction, the house he had previously sold was very antiquated. The mansion has an almost frozen aspect due to its ice white exterior and interior.






With an astounding nine-car garage, six bedrooms, and eleven bathrooms, this enormous home is obviously intended for those who live large. Akon incorporated a recording studio and a piano room in the concept, as any good musician would.





Documents indicate that Akon purchased the 4.6-acre property, which is a part of the Atlanta National Club, for $1.65 million in 2008.









As of right now, the artists estimate that the agreement will bring in around $7 million. He will undoubtedly be singing “I’m So Paid” all the way to the bank if the sale closes.




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