After losing a limb, the poodle overcomes obstacles and begins to walk on his rear legs.


Cora is a very affectionate poodle who was abandoned a few years ago in terrible conditions. His front paws, back and pelvis were broken, but incredibly he recovered thanks to the care he received in his new home.

Zach Skow from Tehachapi, who lives in California, was the one who decided to give the dog, who is now 6 years old, a new opportunity in 2018. Zach, who runs Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, said Cora’s serious injuries were likely caused by a car hitting her head-on. Unfortunately, the dog lost her legs due to a bone infection and the other one was completely destroyed. The amputation of her legs was painful for her, but she has shown that she is very strong.

“The vet wanted us to euthanize her, but over the years I had fostered many two-legged dogs and knew she could get better. Now Cora is everyone’s star. “

Cora’s mobility improved greatly thanks to the help of a cart and within three months she was able to walk on her two hind legs. Her entire recovery was the result of love and perseverance. Although she lost both her legs, she showed a willingness to continue fighting for her life.

She is an example of self-improvement and that is why she currently has more than 34 thousand followers on her Instagram. And no one can doubt that!

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