Adorable Baby with Fair Skin and Rosy Cheeks


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B??i?s wit? ??s? c???ks ?n? ??i? skin ??v? ? ?ni??? w?? ?? s?????in? ????in?ss. T??i? v??? ???s?nc? ??in?s j?? t? t??s? l?ck? ?n???? t? s???? in t??i? liv?s. W??t??? t???’?? ?i??lin?, c??in?, ?? sim?l? ??zin? wit? t??s? ?i?, inn?c?nt ???s, t??? ??v? ?n ?nc?nn? ??ilit? t? li?t s?i?its ?n? m?k? ?v????n? ????n? t??m smil?.

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