Adorable Baby Elephant Delights in Mud Bath, Almost Disappears Under Muddy Mess


In a heartwarming scene at the Kumana Dam in Kruger National Park, South Africa, a young bull elephant we had a fantastic time cooling off under the scorching sun.

His mud bath became a playful extravaganza as he covered himself from trunk to toe in the cool, soothing mud.

The two elephants were walking in the Kruger National Park in the searing heat when they came across the watering hole 

Photographs capturing this delightful moment were taken by Cara Pring, the founder of a safari company based in Sydney, Australia. The young bull’s exuberant mud bath caught the attention of a nearby group of curious impalas, who watched the spectacle unfold.

Cara Pring expressed her amusement at witnessing such a joyful sight, remarking that it’s not every day you see elephants lying down and completely covered in mud.

The watering hole is popular with elephants, impala, giraffes and baboons who all come to drink in the heat, said Cara Pring

The scene almost resembled an African spa session, with the elephant seemingly reveling in its natural mud treatment.

The playful and endearing encounter between the baby elephant and the mud showcases the animal’s love for fun and reminds us of the simple joys found in nature.

Despite the lack of water the young bull then decided to cool himself off in the mud, by rolling himself on his side 
As the bemused impala look on, the young elephant seems to lose himself in the cooling mud as the impala look on
According to Cara, the young bull 'is just so completely covered in mud and he really looks like he's in heaven'
'It's almost as if he's enjoying his own African spa session,' said Cara. The elephant eventually managed to drag himself away from the mud 

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