Admire Ice Cube’s Marina Del Rey mansion, including a precious wine cellar below


In April 2016, Ice Cube paid $7.25 mιllιon for the Marina del Rey property that actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme had previously offered for sale for $10 mιllιon. According to another rᴜmor, Jean-Claude Van Damme paid roughly $6 mιllιon for the property in 2012.

A small beachfront neighborhood called Marina del Rey can be found in Los Angeles County. With a population of little under 10,000, Marina del Rey is one of the unincorporated beachfront communities in Los Angeles County.

The contemporary Marina del Rey estate was constructed in 2011 and is situated along the Grand Canal. The rapper’s stunning 7,575 square foot custom contemporary home is just stunning. The property is not actually in an isolated area as it is quite close to the adjacent homes, just like any other celebrity homes in Los Angeles.

The six-bedroom estate, which enjoys views of the ocean, is situated directly on a canal. Apart from the privacy issue, the home actually has no drawbacks, making Ice Cube’s purchase one of the best values in the Marina del Rey area.

According to rumors, Ice Cube and his wife purchased the estate as a vacation home for their family. They live with their children in their primary property, which is roughly 10 miles distant. When they want to get away from their kids and spend time together without interruption, they come here.

The three-story residence boasts views of the canal that surrounds the home. The home sparkles wonderfully at night, when the canal’s reflection is visible. All of the materials utilized in the construction were of a high caliber and were even imported.

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