Actor Michael Jai White Claimed he would win his boxing match against Mike Tyson


Everyone in the combat community loves and respects Mike Tyson. Although the legendary boxer has faced his share of difficulties in life, be it legal, financial or personal, nothing has deterred him from rising above and creating a new version of himself. Tyson has led a life that one might call ‘controversial’ but the fact that he is still equipped with the skills to defeat most fighters is undeniable.



Hollywood actor Michael Jai White has sparred with UFC HW Jon Jones and the former HW Francis Ngannou, among others. The fighter, who has played the lead in movies like Never Back Down: No Surrender and Blood and Bone, among others, had once opened up on a potential fight against boxing legend, Iron Mike Tyson.

Confident of a win over Mike Tyson? Michael Jai White shares his opinion on a hypothetical fight

In an interview with djvlad on YouTube, Michael Jai White once discussed how he would react if he got called up for a hypothetical fight against one of boxing’s greatest sons – Mike Tyson.



The interviewer pointed out that White and Mike Tyson were ‘roughly’ of the same age, height, and weight. The interviewer asked Michael Jai White if he would accept an opportunity to box with Mike Tyson for an exhibition match.

Yeah, of course! To box Mike Tyson? I would love that!“, replied White, beaming with excitement, almost astounded at the question.

The interviewer was in disbelief and tried to remind White that he was making the claim for the whole world to see.

Of course, what would… how… why would I not do something like that? Like why would I not?“, reiterated White, visibly confused by the interviewer’s question.

The second question that he was asked was if he thought he could win against Tyson.

A supremely confident Michael Jai White answered saying, “Yeah, of course, I think I would win.“.



A Bad Review – When Mike Tyson trashed Michael Jai White’s role in ‘Tyson’

Michael Jai White played the role of Mike Tyson in the 1995 film, ‘Tyson’, which showed the story of the boxer. Tyson, apparently, was not very happy with the movie and had called it ‘garbage’ at some point. The film didn’t do well commercially either.

White had also recounted an encounter with Mike Tyson where he squared up with him. Apparently, Mike Tyson was joking when he started jostling around with White at a Comic Con.




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