“Abandoned puppy’s touching dream: Sleeping in a hot manger, desperately looking for love”


On these dates it is normal to find in the streets, squares, doorways, or somewhere in the city, figures that symbolize the birth of the baby Jesus.

It is truly an emotional tradition that invites those who pass through the place to stop and admire the manger or the Nativity scene that represents the celebration of Christmas.

A couple of nights ago,  Nádia Rosângella was passing by a Nativity scene that had been set up in a square near her home, in Brazil.  All the figures were carefully placed in their place, but  there was something that differentiated this nativity from the rest… and although it was different, it was still special.

The puppy was the living image of peace, tenderness and comfort.

Traditionally, the manger is left empty until Christmas Day,  but on this occasion, and to everyone’s surprise,  it was occupied by someone unexpected  who, without a doubt,  inspired great tenderness.

Nádia was very moved and excited when she saw that  an adorable furry friend had found a cozy space in the manger,  and after realizing that no one was claiming it,  she decided that it would be the perfect place to curl up and take a nap . And she evidently was.

“I was very surprised… It was such a beautiful and pure scene!” said Nádia.

At first, it was not clear where the dog came from, but  Nádia believes that he was abandoned a while ago and now lives on the street,  and with nowhere else to go,  he took refuge in the small manger.

But in doing so it seems that the puppy also made sure that his lonely circumstances did not go unnoticed, and a  moved Nádia thought of finding a way to help the puppy.

Unable to take the puppy home, she decided to take some photos herself and send them to her friends in the local animal-loving community. In a very short time this adorable furry friend went from finding a peaceful place in the manger to spend the night, to receiving much more…

“A friend found it and took it home,” said Nádia.

Thanks to his improvised role in the Christmas scene that night, the sweet puppy received the opportunity he so desired…

No one can deny that Christmas is a time of love.

“I feel happy and at peace knowing that he is safe,” Nádia said.

And although this little dog received his gift early, it is the biggest and best present he could have ever imagined receiving.

“I love animals very much and I wish the same for everyone,” Nádia added.

Unintentionally, this puppy starred in one of the scenes that commemorates the most beautiful time of the year, leaving a living message of love and tenderness.

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