A truck driver notices a trembling dog in a ditch and responds quickly to save her life.


A vigilant truck driver became an unexpected hero when he spotted a trembling little dog in distress, abandoned in a ditch on the side of the road in St. Louis, Missouri.

The driver’s keen awareness of his surroundings and unwavering commitment to making a difference played a pivotal role in saving its life. 

The truck driver wasn’t able to stop, but he made sure to call Stray Rescue of St. Louis and let them know that there was a little puppy desperately needing help. 

Even in our daily routines, we have the capacity to make a significant positive impact by reaching out and lending a helping hand to those that cannot speak for themselves.

A Call For Help

little dog laying next to road
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Stray Rescue of St. Louis was quick to respond when the Good Samaritan spotted the little brown and white puppy quivering in the ditch and called for help.

They immediately went to check it out, and were surprised to find a small pup, whom they decided to name Odella (in honor of the truck driver named Odell, who called and ultimately saved her life).

As soon as the puppy saw Donna Lochmann, Chief Life Saving Officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, her tail began to wag.

She was a little angel – terrified and hungry, but also very friendly.

What they didn’t know then was that Odella was actually in a lot of pain because she was hit by a car and had so many injuries. 

guy playing with brown dog
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

“We couldn’t tell at first, but sadly our clinic informed us that she has some significant injuries. X-rays indicate a dislocated hip and broken foot,” the rescue wrote on their blog post.

This little 6-month-old girl needed a lot of help, but thanks to Odell, she was finally getting the much-needed care.

“To picture her quivering in that ditch all by herself and hurting breaks our heart. We are so grateful to the truck driver who somehow spotted her and saved her life. Her healing journey begins today,” the rescue added.

Odella’s Healing Journey

vet and sick dog
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

In order to save Odella’s leg, doctors had to pop her dislocated hip back in place and bandage it up with a splint.

The doctors and the rescue were doing everything in their power, so the sweet little baby could keep her leg. 

Her healing journey took a little longer than expected due to another femur fracture, but thankfully, after a couple of months, she was perfectly healthy and able to get up and run again on all fours.

Throughout all that process, Odella stayed with her foster mom, Donna. 

Donna, who already had adopted a couple of rescues, fell head over heels with sweet angel, Odella.

brown dog on a leash sitting on a front seat
Source: Donna Lochmann

The moment Odella first arrived at Lochmann’s house, it was pretty obvious that she was never leaving.

Donna said in one of the comments on Facebook: “She just never left. She came in, unpacked her bags, and that was pretty much it!”

Odella is now enjoying her life with her mom and all her furry siblings.

“She has the happiest personality and bounces from one dog to another to find one that will keep playing! She loves her toys and peanut butter kongs,” Donna wrote.

owner and dog in the park
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

And, all of that would never have been possible if it had not been for Odell and his kindness.

One call was enough for this sweet pup to go from laying in a ditch with broken bones and no one to love her to living her best life with a loving family.

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