“A slow-motion video features Cardi B twerking in front of a large audience. The camera zooms in on her


Looks like Cardi B hitmaker might have to visit the st-r-i-p club to brush up on her skills soon.

Cardi B delivered a fiery performance at a bar. The female rapper showcased her impressive twerking skills, electrifying the crowd. A fan captured a video of the performance, even adding a slow-motion effect for a closer look at her energetic dance moves.


Watch full video below:

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With all the years she’s spent working as a stripper and rapper, you’d figure that by now, Cardi B should be pretty confident in her twerking skills. Since her initial rise to fame, the “Bodak Yellow” artist has hardly stopped clapping her surgically enhanced cheeks – even more so since she crossed paths with Offset. The pair now shares two children, but even that hasn’t been able to stop Bardi from shaking her booty.

Earlier this week, the 31-year-old uploaded a video to her Instagram Story which shows her shamelessly throwing it back. It’s hard to deny that Cardi’s hourglass shape looks awesome, but even she can admit that her rhythm feels off in this clip. “Body on 10, twerk on 0 😂,” she wrote over the screen, laughing at herself while throwing her bodacious behind in a circle.

Cardi B Knows Her Body is Picture Perfect

Her dancing abilities aren’t the only area of her life where Cardi has been feeling off. This year for Thanksgiving, the Invasion of Privacy artist admitted to missing out on all of her family’s festivities while enjoying a seriously deep sleep. Seeing as she’s working hard on putting her long-awaited sophomore album together for a 2024 release, and raising two little ones, it’s understandable if she needed to use her day off to catch up on her beauty slumber. Hopefully, Bardi also makes time to work on getting her booty-shaking game back on 100 before she films her next music video.

Besides inspiring herself (and probably countless others) to work on her twerking skills, it seems Cardi B’s OnlyFans efforts are encouraging another woman in the public eye to consider launching an account. After learning that the New Yorker and Iggy Azalea both reportedly made eight figures from their content creation on that platform alone, Blueface’s mom, Karlissa Saffold, has said she’ll be starting her profile in early 2024. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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