A prominent NBA insider unveils the Lakers’ foremost focus leading up to the 2024 trade deadline!!! WHO?


The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves in a precarious position during the current NBA season, with a record of 19-19 that reflects their struggles on the court.

The team’s need for reinforcements is glaring, and they have wasted no time in their quest to bolster their roster. According to insights from Lakers insider Jovan Buha, General Manager Rob Pelinka is gearing up for an active trade season, with a clear focus on acquiring players who can provide much-needed shooting and shot-creation.

Buha pointed out, “The #1 need they [Lakers] feel like they need to address before the deadline is the offense end, bring more shooting, bring in maybe another off-the-dribble scorer because right now it’s like, LeBron and AD are dropping 30 points every night and they’re still struggling.”

Traditionally, the Lakers have emphasized their defensive prowess, particularly during the LeBron James era. This past summer, they continued this trend by signing players like Taurean Prince and Cam Reddish to fortify their wing defense.

However, it’s become evident that they may have tilted too heavily toward defense, leaving the team reliant on LeBron James and Anthony Davis for scoring.

As LeBron James approaches the twilight of his illustrious career at 39 years old, the Lakers face the urgency to maximize their chances of success during his remaining productive years.

While the team may not possess a wealth of trade assets this season due to previous moves, they do still have a valuable first-round pick they can use in potential deals.

The question that looms is which players are within their realistic reach.

In the aftermath of the OG Anunoby trade in Toronto, speculations are arising about the potential availability of Pascal Siakam, a player who could inject energy into the Lakers on both ends of the floor.

Another intriguing option is Zach LaVine, known as one of the league’s premier scorers.

If the price for Siakam or LaVine proves too steep, someone like Alex Caruso could be a suitable fit, given his versatility on the court.

It’s just a matter of time before the Lakers make their move and shake things up to address their current challenges.

D’Angelo Russell, once a feel-good story for the Lakers, finds himself in a situation of mutual discontent.

Although he started the season well, Russell’s recent struggles in finding the basket have made him a liability on the court for LA.

As a result, the Lakers are considering placing him on the trade block, where he could potentially fetch valuable returns and be the missing piece in their upcoming transformation.

Rob Pelinka faces a formidable task in revamping the Lakers’ offense, which ranks 24th in the league this season.

While there are no easy solutions to their current predicament, the Lakers’ strategy is clear: they believe that adding more shooters and shot creators is the way to halt their season-long struggles.

Given their performance thus far, it’s a strategy that is hard to argue against.

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