A “Mayan statue with a QR code” that demonstrates how far superior ancient human science was to ours has the entire world in awe.

* QR codes are used today to provide information on numerous things.

* Although this technology is considered to be relatively new, it may not, perhaps the ancient Mayans were able to use a QR code on the face of the statue to send a message?

* The objects found in the ruins of the ancient Maya in Mexico were transferred almost entirely to museums in Mexico.

The images of a Mayan humanoid statue with a large head in the form of a monitor and a form of QR code have spread through social networks claiming to be an original Mayan statuette, which generates controversy about its true origins.

Those who believe in time travel, or in ancient civilizations, consider it an “Oopart”, the already known: objects out of place and time officially established by science.

“This is the convincing evidence that would demonstrate the existence of much more advanced and evolved Civilizations that lived on earth in very distant times.”

Many people said that this could be proof that aliens were on Earth many years ago at the time of Maya. The statue is not typical of the Mayan period in the shape of its head. The face does not look like the face of a person or animal.


It is notable that in Mexico countless Mayan artifacts are appearing that would show the existence of a civilization more technologically evolved than ours.

Supposedly, this figure or artifact would prove 100% that it is irrefutable proof of the ancient origins of civilizations lost in space-time.

Alternative investigation of the origin.

The humanoid statue “Maya” with QR code does not seem to belong to any known museum and the only information is that it belongs to a private collection, so it is not accessible to the public.

Perhaps the code in the head can be a warning to the descendants. People tried to scan the code using smartphones, however they did not receive any results. Perhaps the technology needed to read the code has not yet been invented.

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