A loпely dog waits at a shelter for 2,531 days while loпgiпg for someoпe to love her


Even while no-kill animal shelters make every attempt to place the animals in their care in loving, permanent homes, occasionally a dog gets passed up by prospective adopters in spite of the shelter’s best efforts.

One of these canines is Dahlia. She has lived her entire life at the Santa Barbara Humane Society, where the American Staffordshire Terrier Mix was born. At the age of six months, she came. The 7-year-old who has been living in the shelter the longest deserves a forever home, so workers there are trying to find him one.

She is a wonderfully sweet, clever, loving, devoted huge lap dog, said one of the shelter’s volunteers. She needs a fantastic home with only one other pet.She’ll make someone very happy, I can tell you that much.


The request from the shelter was not ignored. Soon after the Humane Society’s plea, Daliah found a loving home! A man from Orange County drove to the shelter to see her after seeing her tale on television.

The Humane Society is overjoyed. They released a statement that read, “We are over the moon!” For those of you who have questioned Dahlia’s wellbeing…She has at last discovered her forever home! We appreciate everyone who got in touch with us and told us about her.

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