A gold treasure trove was discovered beneath the kitchen’s wooden floor, and the riddle has yet to be solved.

Homeowners in the United Kingdom discovered a treasure trove of gold coins hidden beneath the wooden floorboards of their kitchen during a renovation.

This gold vault, estimated to be worth around $290,000 (£250,000) at auction, is believed to be one of the largest 17th and 18th century British gold hoards ever found in England. and includes more than 260 gold coins dating from 1610 to 1727.

Ancient gold coins

Coins hidden under the wooden floor of the kitchen from the 17th and 18th centuriesCoins hidden under the wooden floor of the kitchen from the 17th and 18th centuries

Coins hidden right under the wooden floor of the kitchen from the 17th and 18th centuries have only been discovered now.

The coins were discovered in 2019, when contractors unearthed a salt-glazed terracotta cup, about the same size as a soda can, as they scraped the floorboards during a renovation project at the house. 18th century house, located in Ɛllerby, a village in North Yorkshire.


Upon closer inspection, workers found several rattling coins inside the cup, mainly consisting of antique £50 and £100 coins, as well as a Brazilian coin circulating in the UK. in the 1720s, according to a statement from Spink & Son, an auction house based in London.

“It was a wonderful and truly unexpected discovery from such an easy location,” said Gregorу Edmund, an auctioneer with Spink & Ѕon.

The coins likely belonged to Joseph and Sarah Fernley-Maisters, members of an influential merchant family that included several members of Congress who lived in the area in the late 1600s and early 1700s.

“Joseph and Sarah clearly didn’t trust the newly formed Bank of England, the ‘paper money’ and even the gold coinage of their day because they chose and held so many coins,” said Edmund. The coins date back to the English Civil War and before. Why they never found the coins when they were actually so easy to find underneath the original 18th-century floorboards is a mystery even. even bigger.”

Next month, the treasure will be auctioned through Sink & Son and is expected to fetch nearly $300,000.

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If something is wrong with Discovering a treasure chest of gold under the wooden floor of the kitchen and the mystery cannot be deciphered, please contact us so we can fix it.Key word:Homeowners in the United Kingdom stumbled upon an antique gold vault hidden beneath the wooden floorboards of their kitchen during a renovation.

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