15 Heartwarming Photos of Shirtless Dads Doing Skin-to-Skin with Their Babies.-davinci


Those first few minutes and hours of bonding with a new baby after delivery are some of the most emotional times for the newborn’s parents and family, and they’re also the most fun to shoot!

The highest on the “AWW” scale, though, has got to be a dad and baby skin-to-skin bonding time — after nine months in the womb, what’s more, precious than seeing a dad finally able to hold his little one?

This dad snuck in a little smooch during the skin-to-skin time.

A father providing skin-to-skin contact with his newborn immediately after a cesarean birth offers the same calming and comforting benefits as a mother.

Blue steel while holding a baby? We’re into it.

The way this dad is looking at his newborn is too precious.

We’re sure this babe was only crying because she’s never seen such a beautiful beard before.

That magical time when both twins fit in Dad’s arms.

Well, isn’t this dad’s smile just the cutest?!

Look at this little man’s face! Bonding time with Daddy is the best.

This baby’s hand placement on Dad’s chest is just too darling. Even though he was so patient, you could also see he was excited to finally get to hold his baby.”

“This dad is holding his son for the first time, after waiting for his girlfriend to nurse and to have her time with the baby, skin-to-skin. Even though he was so patient, you could also see he was excited to finally get to hold his baby.”

Giggles all around for this daddy-son duo.

Calm, cool, casual – this black and white shot is the epitome of chill.

“I love it when dads do skin-to-skin! This Dad was so gentle and sweet with his newborn son.”

This little one knows that he’s safe in Dad’s strong arms.

What adorable father-child moment is a must for you to capture? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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