When archaeologists learned 150 kg of 500,000-year-old ivory had been uncovered in Israel, they became alarmed

The 2.6-meter-long ivory belongs to the straight-tusked elephant, a massive animal that went extinct about 500,000 years ago.

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) on August 31 revealed a rare 500,000-year-old tusk from this extinct giant elephant. Ivory tusks 2.6 m long, weighing about 150 kg, were discovered by biologist Titan Mor at an excavation site near the village of Revadim, southern Israel.

Archaeologists work at the ivory discovery site near Revadim on August 31.Archaeologists work at the ivory discovery site near Revadim on August 31.

Archaeologists work at the ivory discovery site near Revadim on August 31. (Photo: Xinhuɑ).

This is the largest complete fossil ivory ever found in the Near East, the IAA said. Historian Avi Leva, leader of the excavation team, said the ivory is extremely well preserved. “This is the straight-tusked elephant, which went extinct about 400,000 years ago. Next to the tusk are the flint tools that prehistoric people used to cut and skin animals in the area, which appear to include elephants,” he said.

The identity of the prehistoric people living in this area – the land bridge leading from Africa to Europe and Asia – remains a mystery, according to Levy. “We still haven’t found the remains of the people here. We’ve only found their material culture – the garbage that they throw away after use, for example animal bones or flint tools. “, he added.


Previous excavations at Revadim have found evidence of elephant bone processing. Some bones were turned into tools for use by the ancients, others had cuts, apparently broken for consumption.

The newly discovered tusk was separated from the skull and remains of the elephant. Archaeologists are studying whether this is the remains of a hunted elephant or something collected by local prehistoric inhabitants and whether it has social or spiritual significance. Levу said the tusk will be preserved and sent to a laboratory for further analysis to determine the age and whereabouts of the elephant.

The team believes that the most likely hypothesis is that the elephant was hunted. “The concentration of leftover material – mainly stone tools – in the excavation shows that there were many people at the site and that elephants were hunted,” said Professor Ɩsrael Hershkovitz at Tel Ąviv University said.

“In the hot, dry climate of this region, elephant meat doesn’t stay fresh for long. Therefore, elephant meat has to be consumed quickly by many people, possibly in a single event,” Hershkovitz said. The team hopes the new discovery will help them understand more about prehistoric elephant hunters.

“Ivory is an archaeological find of great importance to the scientific community, but also of great interest to the public. Therefore, once the conservation process is complete, we will display the ivory in the gallery. exhibition at the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein National Facility for the Archeology of Israel in Jerusalem,” said expert Eli Eskozido.

Article source: VnExpress

If something is wrong with 500,000 year old ivory weighing 150kg in Israel article found in Israel, please contact us so we can fix it.Key word:Ivory with a length of 2.6 m belongs to the straight ivory elephant, a massive animal that went extinct about 500,000 years ago. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA)

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