Video: Polish Tank Superpower Shocked The World

Polish Tank Superpower Shocked The World /329 miles of border connect Poland and Ukraine. The second and third largest Slavic countries, Ukraine and Poland, are allies – friends – and an attack on one is an attack on both. Ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, with clear warnings to other nations to stay away.

Poland was one of the first nations to ignore these warnings. Within three months of the invasion, Poland became the second largest weapons supplier to Ukraine, with the weapons’ total value exceeding $1.6 billion. Hundreds of tanks, combat vehicles, artillery, as well as drones, anti-aircraft launchers, ammunition were shipped to Ukraine to aid in resisting the Russian forces.

However, in backing Ukraine, Poland has made an enemy of Russia. Now, the Polish government must fortify its military, so the Polish government is acquiring over 1,200 units of the two most lethal Main Battle Tanks serving in the militaries of the United States and South Korea – the M1 Abrams SEPv3 and the world’s most expensive tank, the K2 Black Panther.

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