US Army’s New Super Vehicle Is Tested, Replacing The M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Comments: – – Its going to be hard to replace the Bradley. So many upgrades have been done that have kept it current. Most of the stuff the Lynx is offering can be retro fitted to a Bradley except weight reduction. I served as an 11M and 11B my whole career being mechanized on Bradleys from Dismount, Driver, Gunner and Bradley Commander. It really is an amazing piece of weaponry.

An observation on how armor has changed over the years: a medium tank in WW2 was around 35 tons. IFVs now equal or exceed that, and modern AFVs are in the weight range of the Tiger II, the heaviest tank to see combat in WW2. Amazing.

As a Bradley Infantryman Veteran from Fort Riley, KS, I have a lot of respect for the Bradley, but I think this is awesome and I’m also a licensed drone pilot, so I love that feature of the new track vehicle as well.

Give the lynx a chance. This tank may not be as expensive as Rheinmetall’s German puma, but its advantage is the incredibly wide range of applications and that already at the time of its introduction. Similar to the German car company Volkswagen, the Lynx provides a wonderful platform for a wide variety of combat systems and requirements (Instead of car models). Also in Germany one wonders whether the Puma in combination with the lynx is not better positioned and is perhaps also a little bit enviously

The new Army procurement style is to give a broad solicitation description with few details and let the bidders do the main design to meet the needs. FINALLY the Army backs off from costly micro-management and design changes in mid-design! ALSO, there is a Korean IFV that is competing for this contract. I think it will use the same turret as the German Rhinemetal design.

I know first hand how awesome they are. My dad is a trainer and so I get to drive these things while out in the field and out of all the machines I’ve got to drive, this is hands down one of the most awesome. One of my favorites though is the MLRS vehicles. Those are bad ass!


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