US Air Force Starts EPAWSS System Installation on F-15E Strike Eagle Fleet

The US Air Force (USAF) has begun installing the Eagle Passive Active Warning and Survivability System (EPAWSS) on its F-15E Strike Eagle fighter fleet to replace the analog system. Upgrade the F-15E with this system made by BAE Systems to increase the Eagle in electronic warfare (EW) capabilities.

US Air Force Begins Installing EPAWSS System On F-15E Strike Eagle Fleet

The EPAWSS installation program began on July 19 on operational F-15E aircraft at Boeing’s San Antonio facility. Boeing has previously installed EPAWSS hardware on eight F-15 development test aircraft and has successfully installed this system on new F-15EX aircraft at its St. Louis, Missouri.

With the addition of the EPAWSS, Boeing said, the F-15 can operate in modern threat environments against a dense radio frequency background. This updated EW system improves pilot situational awareness with the ability to independently detect, identify, locate threat systems and then reject, scale down and disrupt those threats.

Under a program approved June 23 by the Air Force Secretariat for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, a total of 43 F-15Es will receive the EPAWSS hardware integration.

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