UFO Hunter Discovered An Entire City On Mars – And NASA Calls It “Atlantis”

Scott Warring, who is recognized for his many and alarming discoveries, has uncovered yet another intriguing discovery.

He was looking through some NASA photos of the surface of Mars when he came upon something so amazing that he couldn’t believe his eyes.

According to him, NASA’s images of the Red Planet’s surface reveal a whole metropolis. These photos imply that life can yet be found on Mars.

Warring, on the other hand, is cautious and does not rule out the possibility that it is a natural event. He thinks the city has something to do with Atlantis because NASA has christened it “Atlantis Chaos”! Isn’t it incredible?

According to tradition, Atlantis was a massive continent that sunk. However, other ideas indicate that Atlantis did not sink, but rather rose.

On his website, he produced a report in which he examines the photographs. He claims that geometrical patterns and buildings resembling domes and towers are plainly visible.

Even constructions resembling those of the Vatican are noticed by Warring.

The visible lines have a distance of around one mile between each intersection.

Check out the video below for additional information, and don’t forget to let us know what you think.


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