TRANSALL C-160: Still Going Strong Despite Serving More Than 50 Years

The Transall C-160, commonly known as the C-160, or simply Transall, is a very popular NATO light military transport aircraft, produced by a joint venture between France and Germany.

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The C-160 made its first flight on February 25, 1963, officially launched in 1967, was mass produced between 1965 and 1985 with a total of 214 units.

The TRANSALL C-160 was designed to perform cargo, troop transport and medical evacuation missions. Payload capacity and dimensions of the TRANSALL C-160 are broadly similar to that of the American Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft. However the four-engined Hercules has a higher top speed and much longer range.

Last C-160 Transall has been retired by Luftwaffe - The German Air Force Today , Airbus A400M

The C-160 has a length of 32.4 m, a wingspan of 40 m, a height of 11.65 m, an empty weight of 27.7 tons, and a maximum take-off weight of 51 tons. Designed as a twin-engine tactical transport, the C-160 features a cargo hold, a rear-access ramp beneath an upswept tail, a high-mounted wing and turboprop engines.

The fuselage was stout and tubular – flattened only along the bottom facing – with the flight deck fitted forward behind a short nose cone assembly, offering excellent views out of the cockpit. An integrated winch system assisted in bringing heavy loads aboard. Up to 93 seats could be installed within the cargo hold for the transporting of passengers while 60 to 88 combat-ready troops could be seated in their place. Alternately, 62 medical litters and corresponding medical personnel could be carried.

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The C-160 is powered by two Rolls Royce Tyne turboprop engines, developing 6,100 hp each, which drive four-bladed propellers. A twin-engine configuration was selected over four-engine configuration in order to reduce unit and production costs.

C-160 can reach a maximum speed of 513 km/h, range of 1,853 km with 16 tons of payload, service ceiling of 8,230 m, and Rate of climb is 6.6 m/s. This aircraft is operated by a crew of three, including two pilots and one flight engineer. It can land on airstrips as short as 400 m, and take of from airstrips as short as 700 m, and can also operate from semi-prepared airstrips.

Transport Allianz Transall C.160 - Specifications - Technical Data / Description

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