The world was shocked to discover shelter on the steep rocky surface of a mountain in the Dolomites, Italy

The refuge is located on a ridge in the Monte Cristallo massif, which is part of the Ampezzo Dolomites Natural Park.

It’s thought that Italian troops built the shelter while fighting the Austro-Hungarians during WWI. Hikers and climbers on the Via Ferrata Ivano Dibano will come across the shelter along the way. To go to this incredible location, you’ll need a dash of bravery in your blood. Amazing photos depict an abandoned Italian WWI refuge embedded in a vertical rockface in the Monte Cristallo massif of the Ampezzo Dolomites Natural Park.


Pictured is an abandoned refuge from World War I embedded in the Monte Cristallo massif in Italy’s Dolomites


The spectacular shelter sits over 2,700m (8,858ft) above sea level and can only be accessed by hikers and climbers



The incredible refuge has been built inside one of the peaks of the massif. Picture courtesy of Creative Commons

It’s believed the refuge was constructed by Italian soldiers during World War I, in what was known as ‘The White War’


It’s unclear how the refuge was built, but the troops were known to use rope ladders and cableways to scale the rock faces.


Pictured are hikers climbing Monte Cristallo, which features on the Via Ferrata Ivano Dibona


Climbers on the Via Ferrata Ivano Dibona traverse a suspension bridge. In the background, the Guido Lorenzi mountain cabin may be seen. The bridge leads to the photogenic Guido Lorenzi mountain hut, which is perched atop a mountain pass.


Pictured is another shelter built into a mountain in the Dolomites, which were declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2009

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