The Truth about The Mysterious FLIGHT 513 – The Plane That Disappeared in 1954 And Landed in 1989

Today, we’ll discuss the Mysterious Flight 513 incident, which is one of the most bizarre and strange situations I’ve ever encountered.

According to an article published by tabloid WeeklyWorld News in 1989, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 took off on September 4, 1954 from Aachen, West Germany and was scheduled to arrive in Porto Alegre, Brazil 18 hours later. However, the aeroplane simply disappeared mid-flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

On September 4, 1953, Santiago Flight 513 departed Aachen for Chile, South America. On board are 88 passengers and a four-person crew.

While the jet was traveling over the Atlantic Ocean around 7 hours after takeoff, something incredible happened: the airplane just vanished, it vanished from radars, and all communications stopped. Because they had no information, the reports concluded that the plane fell into the water, with all passengers officially proclaimed dead.

However, the aeroplane simply disappeared mid-flight over the Atlantic Ocean. At the time of the disappearance, authorities believed that the plane had crashed and for the years to follow, multiple search parties were formed in order to look out for the remains of the passengers or the plane but nothing was found.

Time went by and decades passed. Santiago Airlines had already run out of business in 1956, just two years after the alleged disappearance and after failing to find even a single trace of evidence of a plane-crash, the search was called off.

Many explanations have been proposed throughout the years about this unusual tragedy. Was it a kidnapping by aliens? Is this a resemblance to the Bermuda Triangle? Is it possible that the plane flew out of a time warp?

We can only conjecture. But, regardless of what transpired, the fact that the entire team reappeared in Brazil in October 1989 and made headlines at the time is shocking. Please share your thoughts on the video below and let us know what you think.

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