The mystery of the unusual ancient giant face in Canada on the cliff and the unusual things that happened after

Despite the fact that people were previously aware of the face carving, nobody paid much attention to this incident in Canada since they thought it was simply another bizarre coincidence.

Back in 2015, Hank Gus of the Tseshaht First Nation raised the issue. After carefully investigating and examining it, he made the following claim after personally visiting the location to understand what it was all about.

The face is approximately two meters high and is placed about twelve meters from the cliff’s base and seven meters from its summit.

No one is aware of who initially built it; according to Matthew Payne, program manager for Parks Canada’s First Nation, the Tseshaht has had previous residents, but we are still unsure of who they were.

Some skeptics believe that this isn’t a face, to begin with, that it’s a common cause of pareidolia, the psychological condition where you see faces in random places.

What do you think though? Do you think this is just your average case of a coincidental finding or is there more to it?

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