The mysterious 100,000-year-old triple-plugged Petradox stone

In 1998, electrical engineer John J. Williams discovered what appeared to be an electrical connector sticking out of the ground. He started digging and found a triple plug embedded in a small rock.

John J. Williams ‘  Petradox  was discovered during an excursion to a  semi-desert area in North America ,  far from  human settlements, industrial complexes, airports, electronic factories and nuclear power plants; Williams refuses to give the exact location of the find, ( although this could damage the credibility of his discovery). He doesn’t  for fear the site will be stripped of other mysterious relics.

The Petradox also known as ” Enigmalith “, presents the undeniable appearance of an electronic component embedded in a natural formation of solid granite composed of quartz and feldspar (including very small percentages of mica.)

Due to the secrecy surrounding the find, its price has been tagged at $500,000, however, the scientific community has categorized the Enigmalith as a hoax made exclusively for the fame and fortune of its owner.

But,  Williams  explains that the stone with the embedded plug is available for any investigator to analyze. Scientists have so far avoided analyzing the rock, despite the open invitation for analysis.

Williams claimed to have consulted an engineer and geologist to examine the rock. 


The electronic component embedded in the granite reveals no trace of it having been glued or welded in any known way.

Geological analyzes made of the stone date it to at least 100,000 years old, a technical impossibility according to the conventional understanding of humanity’s technological development.

The instrument trapped in the Petradox  has been compared by some researchers to an electronic system ( XLR connector ) or a similar component, which has a weak magnetic attraction, since the ohm meter readings reveal that it has a strength close to that of a circuit. open.

The three-pin plug is in a matrix. The piece is 0.3 inches in diameter and does not appear to be organically made, metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber, or any other recognizable material.

Williams prohibits the sample from breaking , so they have used X-rays for analysis, revealing that the matrix component extends into an opaque internal structure within the stone.

While skeptics believe it to be a hoax, Williams claims to have unearthed a genuine relic of a lost civilization thousands of years ago; and he is willing to let scientists authenticate it. However,  he insists on being present during the analysis .

Some believe that scientists are walking away from the sample because they are afraid of what they might discover. 

In this case there are two: Scientific analysis could confirm that the artifact is an elaborate hoax, or it could radically change our understanding of human history.

Despite the marked skepticism that the different scientific institutions have shown in the face of Williams’ finding; so far no person has been able to verify that the artifact embedded in the stone is not a true “impossibility” in human evolutionary history, or a product of current human science.

Analyzing and scientifically validating the possibility that a man-made electronic component could have been trapped during the solidification of a rock approximately 100,000 years ago could result in the unmasking of a practical joke or in simply radically changing our understanding of human history and the technology existing on the planet in remote times.

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