The legendary 8.6 meter crocodile captured in 1957

* The photograph that supposedly shows the largest crocodile captured in history has caused a great controversy after being published on Imgur.

* The story behind the image ensures that a male crocodile 8.6 meters long died at the hands of the Polish Krystina Pawloski in the Norma River, in the State of Queensland, Australia, in the year 1957.

Although there are official reports from the time, many people remain skeptical about the dimensions of the reptile. “ It’s definitely Photoshop ,” replied one user. “ Are you sure it’s real? ”, posted another.

According to The Australian newspaper, Krystina, an immigrant thirty years old at the time, killed the largest known crocodile in Australia with a single shot, on the banks of the Norman River, in the city of Normanton.

Some time later, the inhabitants of Normanton commissioned the construction of a statue to remember the monstrous crocodile that they shot down in 1957. The animal went down in history as “Krys the Savannah King” and the life-size replica was located in Henry Park.

Krys Pawlowski made her name slaying crocodiles, this petite woman of Polish origin is considered Australia’s most legendary crocodile hunter, making Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee look like novices. The folklore of the region remembers her as “One Shot Krys” – hunter and taxidermist who shot 5,000 crocodiles of which only 3 escaped.

In the last stage of his life he totally changed his philosophy and dedicated his time to the conservation of species. In 1998, when Krystina was still alive next to her husband, Ron (another famous hunter), in the town of Mareeba, in Queensland, she said she felt sorry for having taken the life of the huge reptile. “ I am very sorry. He was a fabulous animal .” She died in March 2004.

On the other hand, Gustave, the crocodile from the series: 5 animals that kill humans, is a legend that terrifies the Burundi community and is credited with the loss of at least 300 human lives. Well, Gustave is estimated to be about 6 meters long, now imagine the fear that Krys the Savannah King instilled in any living being.

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