The 250,000-Year-Old De Aiud Artifact: Proof of Ancient Alien Visits?

* If the Mastodons walked the Earth for more than 34 million years until they disappeared about 11,000 years ago, how could an aircraft exist on our planet and lose one of its parts?

* Three different analyzes prove the age of a mysterious piece of aluminum discovered in Transylvania, Romania. A full-fledged OOPART.

It is called El  Artefacto De Aiud , an aluminum object whose existence is a contradiction according to the traditional knowledge and beliefs of modern science.

It all started when workers at a sand quarry on the banks of  the Mures River  , near the  Romanian city  of  Aiud , discovered the object at a depth of 10 meters, along with the fossilized remains of a mastodon.

After studying the place, the mysterious object was classified as ” a stone object “, where the specialists assured that it would probably have been used for hunting.

The find was sent to the Museum of  History  in  Transylvania ,  Cluj .

Once the remains arrived at the Museum, they proceeded to remove the thick layer of hardened sandstone that surrounded the alleged axe, but the surprise came when they discovered that it was an aluminum object.

The mastodon fossils dated to an age of 10,000 years, but the metallic object found in the same place showed signs of having been made with modern equipment.

Said object measures 8 x 5 x 3 inches and weighs approximately 2.5 kilos.

Its shape was a clear indicator that it was part of a whole of something much larger.

Of course, there are speculations about its origin. There are those who believe that it is part of ancient technology ships, specifically a Vimana, the legendary ships of Hindu mythology.

There are also those who believe that it is directly the piece of an extraterrestrial ship, which was passing through the earth.

However, skeptics deduce that it is part of some kind of modern machinery, such as a tracked vehicle or a bulldozer, but this does not explain why it was found so deep (and next to the bones of prehistoric animals).

If the Mastodons walked the Earth for more than 34 million years until they disappeared about 11,000 years ago, how could an airship exist on our planet and lose one of its parts ?

Hoping to solve this mystery, the Romanian researchers sent samples of the object to   the  Metal Research  and  Development Center  ,  in  Baia Mare .

Analysis showed that the object was made from an alloy consisting of 80% aluminum and 11 other elements.

Another sample was sent to a   Research Institute in  Lausanne (  Switzerland  )  with similar results.

Aluminum is known to have been discovered in 1825, and entered industrial production at the end of the 19th century.

Aluminum metal cannot be found in nature in its purest form, and is only present in the form of salts and oxides.

So what is an aluminum object doing in a pile of fossilized bones ?

The subject has been very “uncomfortable” for conventional science, since the mysterious object spent more than twenty years hidden in a museum warehouse.

In 1995, the editors of a Romanian  UFO magazine  called  RUFOR , conducted a new series of tests.

Chemical analysis found the same compounds as those that had been previously performed.  There was no longer  any doubt that its origin was artificial.

This time, the researchers focused on a clue that had been ignored by the previous team:  the layer of aluminum oxide that covered the artifact. Aluminum does not corrode easily, but the oxide layer on this object was 3 millimeters.

Research  Center experts   believe this is irrefutable proof that the object does indeed predate the discovery of aluminium .

Some experts have dated the Aiud piece to 250,000 years

This is because the researchers examined the structure of the object with an electron microscope and observed that the aluminum alloy had an “aged” structure.

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