The 11,5-foot-tall two-headed mummy discovered in Patagonia

If you’ve been looking into the Giant theories you most likely already heard about Kap Dwa, the two-headed Giant that is oftentimes referred to as one of the greatest fossils of a Giant that we’ve ever come across.

The two-headed Giant was captured by a group of Spanish Mariners that came across this 11.5-foot-tall (3.5 meters) as they spotted it and decided to take it with them to the shore.

Because of its threatening demeanor though and because they did fear for their lives if it escaped the group decided to stab it in its sleep.After they reached London, they had it mummified and it essentially was lying around the place until 1914 when it became quite the attraction for both the locals and tourists alike.

That’s why in 1959 Lord Thomas Howard decided to purchase it from the locals to bring it with him home. Eventually, it made its way to Gerber’s collection, and to this day it still belongs to him.

Gerber did fight this theory altogether, stating that it is not true as he ended up finding it himself on a beach from Paraguay, not Patagonia as most theorists assumed.

Regardless, it was brought to England by one George Bickle soon after and it is now on display at the museum of Blackpool although it was sent over to the museum from Baltimore too over the years.

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