Russian Su-75 Checkmate could be AK-47 in the fighter aircraft market

The newly released Su-75 Checkmate has shocked the world, mainly export-oriented and it is considered as an AK gun, which can help Russia make a lot of money.

The Russian Aerospace Forces (Russian VKS) will receive four new fifth-generation Su-57 fighters in December. The aircraft was developed by the Sukhoi Design Office of the United Aviation Corporation (UAC), a member of the Rostec Group, and is assembled at the aeronautical manufacturing plant in Komsomolsk-na-Amure (KNAAPO).

Before that, the first series production Su-57 was handed over to the Russian army last year and is currently continuing to be tested. Until 2025, the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive 22 Su-57s, and by 2028 their number will increase to 76.

Pictures of Russian Su-75 Checkmate and Su-57E planes also appeared on the Internet. They are called the main new products of the Russian military aircraft industry. The Su-75 is a 5th generation “light” tactical aircraft.

su-75 and Su-57

Unlike the 5th generation “heavy” twin-engine Su-57, the Su-75 Checkmate has only one engine. Su-75 Checkmate fighter made by Russia.

Military journalist Dmitry Yurov talked about the potential of Russia’s next-generation fighter compared to other countries. “The Su-57E (export version of the Su-57) is a twin-engine aircraft designed for air superiority and ground attack. It is expensive and complicated, including the export version with reduced features. Not everyone can afford such a fighter.

The Su-75 Checkmate is a machine with simpler features, but its price tag is unmatched by any other aircraft. This new Russian fighter is even cheaper than the F-16, Chinese JF-17, and Indian Tejas. After this, it will probably be even cheaper.

The Su-75 Checkmate is primarily export-oriented. This plane should be seen as a Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK), which can make Russia a lot of money.

Dozens of countries have to endure the fact that they are buying yesterday’s technologies at insane prices, such as Sweden’s F-16 or JAS-39 Gripen fighters, and in general every something related to 4th generation fighters.

Of course, for some countries, the potential of the Su-57E is too great, in such cases, it is possible to sell the aircraft at a lower price.

The Su-75 Checkmate is a true 5th generation aircraft, at the same price as the 4th generation, which is a great offering for any country.

It is difficult to say what position the Su-75 will occupy in the Russian army in the near future. I suspect that this will be the segment between the Su-24 and the MiG-29, which could mean hundreds of new machines.”

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