Russian Su-35 Fighter Jet Allegedly Capable of Destroying Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft Missile

International Military – Recently, the Russian Su-35 fighter jet was claimed to be capable of destroying the Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile. According to the Russian Ministry, the missile was near Kramatorsk.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, on July 28, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense issued the following statement. “In the Kramatorsk area, a Su-35S multirole fighter jet of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed an S-300 anti-aircraft missile launcher.

In addition, he claimed that six ammunition depots of the Ukrainian army were hit by Russian warplanes, missiles and artillery units in the Mykolaiv and Donetsk regions in the past 24 hours. However, the Ministry did not offer concrete evidence that the Su-35 had destroyed Ukrainian air defense systems.

Earlier, the Ministry also claimed that Russian Su-35S fighter jets had downed three Ukrainian warplanes in the Donetsk region. According to Military Watch Magazine, a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 was reportedly shot down in an air-to-air battle on June 26. The Ukrainian Air Force is estimated to have inherited about 200 MiG-29 fighters when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Although its fleet maintained only about 35 aircraft in the 2010s with low training hours and levels of availability hampering effectiveness.

Quoted from, the Su-35 Super Flanker belongs to the class of attack fighter and heavy air superiority, long-range fighter, and multirole. It is an upgraded variant of the Su-27M/Su-30 and is considered a Generation 4++ Fighter. The jet entered service in small numbers in the Russian Air Force in 2008.

Quoted from Airforce Technology, the latest version of the Sukhoi Su-35, namely the Su-35BM (bolshaya modernizatsiya – major modernization). It is a multirole air superiority fighter with advanced capabilities developed from the Su-27. It has high maneuverability (+9g) with a high angle of attack and is equipped with a highly capable ωεɑρσռ system which contributes to the outstanding dogfighting capabilities of this new aircraft.

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