Russian fighters were caught into Alaska-Canada air defense range

COLORADO SPINGS, CO — The North American Aerospace Command [NORAD] has detected two Russian patrol aircraft [figter jets, unannounced models and versions] near Alaska and Canada. This was announced by the press service of NORAD.

Everything happened on September 12, NORAD says. Then, two Russian patrol planes entered the air defense range of Alaska and Canada. NORAD for detecting the offenders, they were identified and their actions were tracked.

The air defenses of the USA and Canada monitor the actions in the air 160 km from the border of the two countries. Tracking is done in all directions. NORAD announced that the entry of the two Russian fighter jets was not a provocation. They [the Russian patrol fighters] subsequently withdrew and returned to international airspace. NORAD says the two countries’ air sovereign borders were not violated.

Not for the first time

Such incidents happen all the time. Some are unintentional, and others are provocatively intentional. Such as the intrusion of three Russian aircraft into the air borders of the Baltic states. This happened a few weeks ago. The Russian MiG-31, Su-27, and Il-62M aircraft entered the airspace of the Baltic region, which is under NATO. Germany immediately raised two Eurofighter Typhoons which intercepted the Russian planes. They were escorted until leaving the airspace of the Baltic states.

Bulgaria is also forced to frequently take to the air its outdated MiG-29s. Russia deliberately enters the Bulgarian airspace, at least once a month. Here, however, the reason is different – commercial. While Bulgaria received its first F-16s from Lockheed Martin, Bulgarian pilots flew MiG-29s.

These aircraft [Bulgarian MiG-29] are very old and their maintenance is much more frequent, expensive, and increasingly difficult. The more often Russia deliberately raises the Bulgarian fighters, the faster the latest modernization will be depreciated and Bulgaria will be forced to make a new one.


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