RM-70 Vampire 4D Multiple Rocket Launcher System

RM-70 Vampire 4D Multiple Rocket Launcher System
RM-70 Vampire 4D Multiple Rocket Launcher System

The RM-70 VAMPIRE 4D is a forty-tube, multi-launch, self-propelled rocket artillery system with a loading device, which is used to provide converging fire support for troops, firing unitary high-explosive fragmentation rocket projectiles (122-JROF-RM 70) at larger area targets. The original T-813 chassis was replaced with the new T815-7T3RC1 8X8.1R chassis with air axle suspension. Two-door variant is also available. Overall design of whole system increased by unique Tatra chassis T815-7 with its high cruising speed and high crosscountry capability.

The RM-70 VAMPIRE 4D is a hugely upgraded variant of the original Czechoslovak RM-70 GRAD MLRS with a loading device. The rocket launcher can fire both single rounds and volleys from the cab or using a portable device from a nearby trench. The basic type of the fire is indirect fire. If a combat operation requires direct fire with elevation from 0° to 10°, it can only be done within the range determined by elevation and traverse sensors.


RM-70 Vampire 4D Multiple Rocket Launcher System
RM-70 Vampire 4D Multiple Rocket Launcher System

Digital interface of the main weapon systems enables implementation of the Fire Control System with new aiming system according to calculated shooting elements with the possibility of manual control, voice and data communication with the upper levels of command and the new navigation system. According to the calculation aiming system automatically aims and deregulates the launch tubes towards the target. The Fire Control System consists of commander ballistic computer, communication subsystem and navigation system

The Excalibur Army Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MLRS) vehicles are built on the unique Tatra chassis which allows them to pass through very difficult terrain with certainty and at surprising speed. The launcher platform is derived from the well-known, proven and widely used RM-70 and BM-21 MLRS systems. To allow fast and accurate firing, MLRS vehicles are equipped with a new aiming system and optionaly with Fire Control System with navigation system and ballistic computer that allows fire elements calculation.

RM-70 Vampire 4D Multiple Rocket Launcher System
RM-70 Vampire 4D Multiple Rocket Launcher System


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