Polish Firm HSW Unveils Turret RCTS-30 Equipped With Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missiles – MilitaryLeak

Recently, the Polish Company Huta Stalowa Wola S.A (HSW) has conducted trial tests with its Remote Controlled Turret System (RCTS-30) with double SPIKE anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) mounted on a Rosomak 8×8 armored personnel carrier (APC). RCTS-30 has confirmed a successful firing of SPIKE LR missiles. Five missiles were launched during the test event. The test event finalized yet another phase of the RCTS-30 turret test programme, related to testing of the weapons (ATK 44 Bushmaster II S cannon, 7.62 mm UKM 2000 GPMG and Spike ATGM).

The RCTS-30 (Zdalnie Sterowanego Systemu Wieżowego, ZSSW-30) is armed with one 30mm ATK-44 chain gun, a 7.62mm caliber UKM-2000C coaxial machine gun, and two Spike-LR ATGM launchers stored in a container which is mounted on the right side of the turret. The turret is also equipped with a PCO GOC-1 Nike optronic system that includes thermal vision sight, a laser range finder, and an external light sensor. The Rosomak with unmanned turret ZSSW-30, will offer more survivability for the crew and as well as more firepower with the anti-tank guided missiles.

The Rosomak is 8×8 multi-role military vehicle produced by Rosomak S.A. in Siemianowice ÅšlÄ…skie, a Polish Armaments Group company. The vehicle is a licensed variant of Patria’s Armored Modular Vehicle. The Polish Army uses the Rosomak IFV fitted with the Italian Oto Melara two-man turret HITFIST-30P, produced under license in Poland by the company Bumar. Rosomak-M2 and M3 are armored personnel carrier variant modified for mission in Afghanistan equipped with OSS-D open turret with 40 mm Mk-19 grenade launcher or 12.7 mm NSW/WKM-B heavy machine gun.

Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW SA) is a defense contractor and steel mill located in Stalowa Wola, Poland. The plan to build the Central Industrial District, created on the initiative of deputy prime minister Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski and adopted by the Sejm in February 1937. In January 2012, privatization process of the construction machinery branch was finalized. Funds from privatization remained in HSW and were earmarked for development of military production. In 2014, HSW became part of the Polish Armaments Group. In 2018, HSW S.A. celebrated the Jubilee of the historical anniversary of the 80th anniversary of its existence.

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