Pale Humanoid In A Crouch Being Captured On CCTV

A strange, pale humanoid was caught on camera by a security camera in Kentucky, USA, and recently went popular on social media.

Douglas Windsor McCloney III initially shared the video on Facebook on July 5, 2022. He said a security camera in the Kentucky town of Morehead, close to the Red River Gorge, had video of that incident.

The video is incredibly blurry and of very poor quality; it appears that the internet recording was made by a phone utilizing a computer screen as a source.

In the video, a white figure that resembles a very thin human is seen wandering erratically next to a car and near a structure. The figure moves on legs that are bent and crooked.

It doesn’t move like a person would. The kneecaps almost give the impression that it is moving backward. It reminds me of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. The video’s uploader continues, “And in the last frame, you can clearly see the bones of his skeleton.

According to some readers, the figure resembled the well-known “pale crawlers” from modern Internet horror stories and American urban legends.

Others have claimed that the footage shows a normal burglar who is probably just very thin and donning a tight outfit. He was attempting to hide, and based on his peculiar movements, it was suspected that he might be planning to steal a car or enter a residence.

There were also claims that the movie featured an elderly man with a disability, a mentally ill person, or a drug addict.



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