Nato And Allied Nations Participate In Royal Air Force’s Exercise Cobra Warrior

This years iteration includes UK, Italian, German, United States of America and NATO involvement which allows development of interoperability between the NATO members and fine tuning of tactics, techniques and procedures. The 7th of September saw Mission 2 of the 3-week exercise undertaken which also coincided with a media day being held at RAF Waddington.

Tornado aircraft from the German Air Force at RAF Waddington where they are based for the exercise.

RAF Waddington delivers the Cobra Warrior training package via the Air Space Warfare Centre and is also hosting the Italian detachment of Eurofighter Typhoons and the German ECR Tornados.

“This exercise brings lots of different capabilities together, in turn ensuring that by working together we can be more than the sum of our parts. Things in the Military never happen by accident and we train as we may need to fight in the future”, Group Captain Burton Deputy Commandant of the Air Space Warfare Centre said.

Typhoon aircraft from the Italian Air Force at RAF Waddington where they are based for the exercise. (Photo by Royal Air Force/MOD Crown Copyright)

“This is a very important exercise for our crews, we want to prepare with our allies and be able to stand together with the same procedures and thinking. The exercise is very realistic for us, planning together, working together, flying together. It also gives our people a focus, they know what they’re working for and we want to be ready for any situation that may come up,” Lieutenant Colonel Köllner Detachment Commander said.


The exercise is routinely undertaken twice a year but due to COVID-19 restrictions this month’s event is the first in several years and will pave the way for larger exercises in future. The exercise is also complemented by United States Air Force F-16s, F-15s, F35As and HH-60Gs (combat search and rescue) along with a NATO E-3A Sentry and Italian G550 providing command and control along with UK and Italian refuelling aircraft.

The first aircraft from the Italian Air Force has arrived at RAF Waddington where they will be based for the exercise. They will shortly be joined by German Air Force aircraft. (Photo by Royal Air Force/MOD Crown Copyright)

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