NASA photographed a gigantic “White Tower” on the Moon

Some people claim that the structures found on the Moon follow a geometric pattern, as if they had been placed there by intelligent beings.

During the Apollo 16 mission, carried out in mid-April 1972, astronauts took hundreds of photographs of the lunar surface.

In one of them, a strange giant white structure or tower is clearly visible, and it does not appear to be a defect or anomaly in the photographic shot.

The imposing white structure in the form of a pillar would have a height of about 8 kilometers and would be located inside a small crater on the lunar surface.

A short distance from this pillar, we can also see an octagonal lunar crater with a pyramidal structure over a kilometer high.

“The tower, or pillar, and visible pyramid, photographed by the Apollo 16 mission, are clear evidence that most Apollo missions were planned primarily to closely observe alien structures on the Moon.”

In another individual NASA image from the Apollo 16 mission, it shows many strange surface features in a particular area of the Moon.

Some of which, when highlighted, appear to almost certainly show satellite dishes, while another appears to show alien cities on the far side of the Moon.

UFO researchers have long suspected that indeed there are alien bases or even terrestrial outposts on the Moon equipped with telecommunications antennas.

Some of NASA ‘s photos and films have been “leaked” throughout history by the space agency itself to hide from the public an extraterrestrial reality that is now so obvious that it can no longer be hidden with such subterfuge.

Whether in space or on other celestial bodies, the presence of artifacts and so-called UFOs is so evident that every day, whether NASA wants it or not, even amateur astronomers manage to capture eloquent images of them.



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