Mysterious 20.000-Years-Old Electrical Transformer Was Found In The Mountains of Kosovo

When questioned about UFOs, Einstein claimed that they are man-made flying machines developed 20.000 years ago by a highly advanced ancient civilization that abandoned Earth for unknown reasons. It’s possible that this was the Atlantean civilization! Yes, Einstein is still regarded as one of the world’s brightest minds.

I have another theory, in addition to the Ancient Astronaut Theory. Ancient civilizations have been visited by future humans with the goal of aiding them in progressing in a certain manner. This electrical transformer may have been built by these future human visitors.

This transformer was found in the highlands of Kosovo by photographer and researcher Ismet Smaili.

This transformer’s coils are put into a stone, but in such a manner that they share a body with the stone. The coils are made of high-quality copper.

An insulator with a composition not found in Kosovo’s natural chemical elements is sandwiched between the coils. One of the stone’s faces has four symmetrical small holes, suggesting that it was used to connect four thick wires to the transformer.

The stone functions as a water and moisture insulator in and of itself. Even by today’s standards, this is a complicated triphasic power transformer.

The fact that this transformer is embedded in a stone implies that it was hidden in the mountains’ natural environment to mislead the ancient people. That, in my view, was certainly part of a power generator brought there by people from the future.

Because the technology is so comparable to that utilized today, it is not an alien device.


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