Mars Rover Found Evidence of A Secret Military Presence on Planet Mars

As the title suggests the Mars rovers have recently actually brought to our attention the following images which all showcase the fact that not only is there alien life on Mars but that there is also a secret military presence that we’ve come across several times so far.

Experts have stated that these pictures alone appear to suggest that Mars is currently being occupied by a secret deployment of military personnel and according to Randy Cramer this has been going on since the 50s.

He stated that he worked on Mars as a US Marine Special Section for the program known as Mars Defense Force for well over 17 years before he was dropped off because he wanted to tell the world the truth.

His stunning interviews showcased the fact that our military is currently fighting off an incursion of the Mars polar region by Draco reptilians and Mantids and that’s not all.

Accord ing to him, the reason as to why we are on Mars to this day is the fact that we are protecting an indigenous superior gene-pool colony of superhumans on Mars.

This is known as the Breakaway civilization and it is supposedly the civilization that will overtake us in the future as soon as we are “taken care of”. This is known as Alternative 3, a plan which seeks to overtake humanity and replace it with these superior beings known as the Breakaway civilization.

An Alien Being Wearing Sunglasses Landed On Our Planet, Claims This UFO Expert

An Alien Being Wearing Sunglasses Landed On Our Planet, Claims This UFO Expert January 17, 2022January 18, 2022 Part 7 Humanoid visitors came to Italy on several times, according to 73-year-old Roberto Pinotti, in an attempt to make friends.

They were so enthusiastic that they even posed for photos. To shield their eyes, several of them were wearing sunglasses. Extraterrestrial incursions, according to Philip Mantle, the proprietor of Flying Disk Press, are not simply a phenomena limited to the dusty portions of the United States.

This episode, along with the photographs, is referred to as The Friendship Case, and it occurred between 1956 and 1990. Extraterrestrials that visited our planet are said to have come from several planets in our galaxy. Rumor has it that they dwelt in an underground base with a population of up to 200 people.

They came to our planet in an attempt to assist us in overcoming our planet’s high levels of violence and injustice. According to Dr. Pinotti, the UFO’s diameter in the photographs was 24 meters, and the control cabin was 10 meters.

Nonetheless, the photos’ quality is questionable. If they were aliens, I believe they would have used a better camera so that they could be recognized. A photograph of Elvis Presley from that time period may be seen. Don’t you suppose a sophisticated society would have more resources than us if we had those kinds of cameras?

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