Indonesian Air Force May Equip Sukhoi Su-27/30 Flanker With Ukrainian R-27 Missiles

Ukraine is going to export R-27 air-to-air missile to Indonesia. They are intended for the Indonesian Air Force, Russian language website, reported quoting a representative of the Ukrainian foreign trade company “Progress.” There was no official confirmation from “Progress” or from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia. Details of the deal- value and number of missiles were not specified in the report. The Ukrainian R-27 missiles are a direct substitute for the Russian-made R-27 as they being made under license since the Soviet days. Russia also exports the missiles under the same designation.

Indonesia could be looking to equip its Su-30s and Su-27s with non-Russian sources of weapons due to U.S. sanctions against Russia that has degraded its ability to receive payment in hard currency. The U.S. made clear that Indonesian government risked being penalized for purchasing military equipment under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, or CAATSA. The goal of U.S. policy is to deny Russia the revenue it needs to continue its “malign influence.” The decision to scrap the russian deals was made after Indonesian officials concluded it would be a misstep to get on the wrong side of the U.S., Indonesian officials decided it would be dangerous to risk the trade relationship.

The R-27 missile (NATO reporting name AA-10 Alamo) is a medium-to-long-range air-to-air missile developed by Russian firm Vympel and Ukrainian firm Artem. It remains in service with the Russian Air Force and air forces of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The R-27 is manufactured in infrared-homing (R-27T), semi-active-radar-homing (R-27R), and active-radar-homing (R-27EA) versions, in both Russia and Ukraine. It features a three-modular construction that incorporates the equipment and guidance section with a homing head, warhead, solid-propellant rocket motor and three hardpoints. The R-27 missile is carried by the MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters, and some of the later-model fighters have also been adapted to carry it.

The R-27 missile is also license-produced in China, though the production license was bought from Ukraine instead of Russia. Ukraine independently manufactured all the components of the missile, from the homing system to the solid fuel engine, the representative said. The R-27 missile is a Soviet/Russian origin missile. ARTEM Company is the leading enterprise of the aircraft industry of Ukraine and the former USSR countries in the production of air-to-air guided missiles which are in the armory of fighters like MiG-29, MiG-35, Su-27, Su-30, Su-32, Su-33, Su-34, Su-35 and their modifications as well as aeronautical units, devices and equipment for airplanes and helicopters manufactured by CIS countries.

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