India created the most unique BMP-2 equipped with Kamikaze drone and ATGM

Indian state-owned defense company Armored Vehicles Nigam Limited (AVANI) created the most unique BMP-2 armored vehicle equipped with integrated FCS, Loiter munition system and 5th generation ATGM.

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On October 18, the largest defense and aerospace exhibition, DefExpo 2022, kicked off in Gujrat, India, with lots of new equipment and modernized and brand-new technology. An image of unique upgraded BMP-2M published by Vayu Aerospace equipped with loitering ammunition from AVision and Rafael’s 5th Spike ATGM.

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AVANI BMP-2M is equipped with third generation Sighting system for both Gunner and Commander, an integrated Fire control system for weapons, a Multifunctional Display for Commander and gunner, an overriding facility for the commander, Auto target tracking, a display for trooper to improve situational Awareness. However, the vehicle is still equipped with traditional 30 mm Turret autocannon 2A42.

AVision Loiter Munition System


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  • Pinpoint strikes from any direction and vertical.
  • Abort, re-engage and recover capability
  • Independent, beyond-IOS precision .
  • High-speed transit flight and low-speed loitering.
  • Low noise, low thermal signature
  • Stabilized electrooptical (EO/IR) seeker.
  • Warheads tailored to customer requirements.
  • Lightweight with the pneumatic launch.

Operational Advantage:

  • Delivers independence and flexibility to frontline forces
  • Multi-operational platform: air, land and sea.
  • Highly efficient in urban earfare with minimal collateral damage
  • Independent closure of sensor-to-shooter loop
  • Maintains element of surprise.
  • Enhanced ISR and precise fire capabilities.
  • Man Portable.
  • Multi-Mission, Miniature BLOS Systems for Land Platforms.
  • Precision and Reliability for all Levels of the Fighting Forces.

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Specification of BMP version

  • Weight: 12kg
  • Warhead: 4.5kg
  • Endurance: 60 minutes
  • Propulsion: Electric
  • Launching: Canister

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SPIKE 5th Generation ATGM

  • Enhanced lethality against all types of targets
  • Reduced Round weight for excellent weight to lethality ratio
  • Reduced launcher Weight
  • Full commonality to all SPIKE missile launchers (Air, Ground and Sea)
  • Lethality: Highly capable tandem HEAT warhead, Smart multipurpose warhead
  • Range: Ground launch : 5.5 km, Aerial launch : 10 km
  • Modes of operation : Fire & Forget/ Fire & Observe / Fire to target coordinate
  •  Data link of Man in the loop: fibre optic for ground launch RF for Aerial launch
  • Embedded IMU for third party target allocation missions-network enabled
  • Embedded CAPS Capabilities
  • Very low LCC (Life cycle Cost)
  • Pinpoint accuracy at long range
  • Enhances the force operational range and precision ability Lofted missile trajectory enables steep angle of attack for target engagements in line of sight and beyond line of sight
  • (engagement of an enemy firing position rear slope)
  • Abort mission capability mid flight
  • High hit/ kill probability

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