In Salzburg, Austria, a mysterious 800-year-old “mobile phone” was found

* There are countless mysterious artifacts that are in debate with the best experts to try to decipher their usefulness and origin.

*Sometimes we get a glimpse of some of the strangest ancient objects that simply shouldn’t exist. Well, we have seen artifacts made in ancient times that resemble today’s objects, such as airplanes, spaceships, etc.

* One of these objects is the famous 800-year-old “cell phone”.

A group of European archaeologists claims to have found a strange antiquity that could well be considered the oldest smartphone in history, which represents one of the strangest and most suspicious finds in this field.

The strange discovery resembles a cell phone or cordless phone with keys engraved with cuneiform characters that would imply it originally came from  Mesopotamia . What is it ? Is it evidence of an advanced civilization or time travel ? Is it a joke ?

The tablet was reportedly found earlier this year by archaeologists conducting excavations in  Fuschl  am See , a town in the Austrian state of  Salzburg .

There isn’t much information about what the researchers were looking for in this region, but it probably wasn’t for cuneiform tablets.

Yet that is what they found. Even more surprising, the tablet closely resembles the cell phones that were most likely used to take photos of him.

The tablet was dated to the 13th century BC At that time, the Sumerian writing style known as  cuneiform  had already been in use for around a few thousand years.

Cuneiform tablets are not unusual – an estimated 2 million have been found. The language was a mystery until the 19th century, when its code was cracked.

However, this particular tablet is unusual for a number of reasons.

First of all, it was found in Austria, not Iran or one of the other modern countries that was once  Sumeria  or  Mesopotamia . The only cuneiform object found further from there is the controversial  Fuente Magna bowl , which was discovered at  Tiahuanaco  in present-day  Bolivia .

Since there is no evidence that the Sumerians visited this ancient pre-Columbian city, how did the bowl or knowledge of cuneiform writing get there ?

By cell phone, of course ! A controversial theory proposed by author  Zecharia Sitchin  is that aliens known as the  Anunnaki  came from  Nibiru  (the rumored Planet X beyond Neptune) and created the Sumerian civilization.

The tablet looks surprisingly like a modern phone, with 12 keys, a display, and a “call” button. Could these aliens have tried to introduce a communication device like the telephone to the Sumerians, only to find they weren’t ready for it and return the pencil and clay tablets to them again?

Could some Anunnaki have accidentally left their phone in Austria ? Probably not . Archaeologists believe that the tablet was probably brought there by merchants in ancient times.

Is  the tablet ‘s resemblance   to a modern cell phone just a freak coincidence, hoax, or evidence of time travel or extraterrestrial contact ?

We will not know, but personally I lean towards a resentful creation. A nice piece of art maybe.

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