Hidden Romanian Treasures– A Cursed History

People have spoken of hidden Romanian treasures for generations. Some of these stories are terrible, but each tale involves mystery, curses, and legends. Some even speak of how entire subterranean galleries have collapsed, killing treasure hunters . Others mention strange unexplained phenomena related to the riches.

Countless Romanian Treasures and their Avid Seekers

Many great gold treasures have been found in Romania. One can mention here the “Hen with Golden Chicks” from the Pietroasele treasure , koson coins, and Dacian gold bracelets. Still, there are many other treasures which lie hidden, waiting to be found by archaeologists or by treasure hunters with metal detectors – which are illegal in Romania.

Dacian gold bracelets – some of the Romanian treasure that has been found. (Carpathianland / CC BY-SA 2.0 )

Stanca village has a forest which is searched by many people from all over the country hoping that they might find the treasure hidden there. This forest is located near Vama Sculeni, Iasi. According to local tales, communists have been digging in this forest in order to find the rest of the treasure of the local boyar (a high-ranking Russian aristocrat). In the year 1941, many kilograms of gold jewelry were found there. Today, treasure hunters still hope to find the rest of the hoard.

The Lost Treasures of Obrenovici and Maria Theresa

At Izverna, in Mehedinti, generations of treasure hunters have unearthed over 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of gold coins. According to legend, in the cave of Izverna, the treasures of Obrenovici and Maria Theresa have been hidden. The Serbian Prince named Obrenovici had argued with his brother Mihailo, so he came to Romania with 80 horses carrying bags full of gold. The treasure was hidden and all the Serbian soldiers who had come along with him were killed. The only clue to the place where the treasure was hidden is a stone with a snake carved on it. According to locals, the drinking water in the area is very good due to the large amount of silver which has been hidden inside the cave.

Another legend speaks about Veterani cave. Access to this cave is only possible by boat. According to treasure hunters, the famous silver treasure of Maria Theresa and the treasures of the Serbian tsar Obrenovici are said to be hidden in a cavern blocked with stones.


Maria Theresa Obrenovici’s silver is said to be one of the hidden Romanian treasures. ( Public Domain )

Legends and Curses Around the Hidden Treasures of Romania

The Bottomless Lake is also surrounded by legends which speak of treasure. This lake is also called “The Pond of Oproiu” and it is located in Negresti village, in Mehedinti County. This lake never drains. According to local legends, in the distant past the villagers of Negresti threw boxes full of treasures inside the lake fearing attack . Few dare to go near the lake today because it is a paradise for snakes.

The Pond of Oproiu is said to be one of the locations of hidden Romanian treasures. ( Whitewizzard / Adobe)

In Romania, there are numerous legends speaking of hidden treasures. It is said that the one who discovers a certain treasure must respect various traditions and rituals or he or she will have a tragic end. In the area of Dobrogea, it is said that the only one who can dig up a treasure is the person who first discovered where it was hidden. In Banat, it is said that blue flames dance above places where treasures have been buried on Saint George’s night. Only a person who has seen the flames can find the treasure. Also, there are crosses near the places where treasures have been buried. At these crosses, terrible curses have been uttered.

Another interesting legend regarding treasure speaks of a certain place where a rock opens to reveal a treasure chamber. It is said that once in every seven years, after going seven times around the old fortress, the rock on Magura Beiului opens and there is a treasure chamber inside. A voice tempts the living to go inside and take some of the treasure. However, should they become greedy and linger there for too long the rock will close, trapping treasure hunters inside forever.

Places with Many Treasures

According to historians, the Banat area is hiding the most Romanian treasures. Throughout time, this area has been a border between rich countries and great empires. In the area of the caves of Banat, Constantin Brancoveanu hid more than 20,000 bags full of gold coins. He refused to tell Turks where this was, so he ended up being decapitated. And in Baragan there are countless cursed treasures . In this case, the people who find these treasures are said to die terrible deaths . Treasures have also been buried in Valcea by boyars. Near Baile Olanesti, the treasure of the monk Pahomie is said to have been buried near the monastery with the same name.

Cursed or not, legendary or real, numerous buried treasures still lie hidden in Romania, waiting to be found and shared with the world.

Banat Cave houses some of the hidden treasure of Romania. ( anepetkovic / Adobe)

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