From Advanced Orlan-10 UAV to T-80 tanks, Russian Army leaves “valuable gifts” for Ukraine in Kharkiv

The Russians are “regrouping” so rapidly in the Kharkiv region that Ukrainian troops barely have time to captured all the weapons and equipments during the offensive in Kharkiv region but they manage to captured so many weapons abandon by Russian Army.

Several photo appeared in the public domain indicating that during the offensive in the Kharkiv Region, the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took as a trophy the enemy command and staff vehicle R-149МА1, which is an element of the automated control system of the Russian military, known under the designations “Sozvezdie” and “ESU TK”. It seems that this car was taken as a trophy from the results of the battles on September 8, 2022.

And this is only the second R-149MA1 that fell into the hands of the Armed Forces during the entire war against the Russian Federation. The first was captured in mid-March 2022 in the Mykolaiv region. Analysts of the Oryx portal give a conservative estimate according to which Ukrainian troops also destroyed at least six R-149МА1 by using anti-tank missiles during the entire period of hostilities.

As we can judge by the feedback of our defenders on social networks, the Russian army in the Kharkiv region is retreating so rapidly that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not collected so many trophies for a long time.

Here it is worth adding that the above-mentioned P-149MA1 is not the first “valuable gift” left behind by the Russians. As previously reported by Defence View, during the liberation of Balakleia, Ukraine military took the Russian Tor-M1 air defense system as a trophy for the first time during the war. And also – that the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces “trophied” the 1L261 radar station of Rashistov from the 1L260 “Zoopark-1M” counter-battery complex, the second during the entire war.

Not only that Ukraine armed forces also captured numbers of Russian tank T-72, T-80 tanks BTR armored personnel carrier. In just single location Ukrainian forces captured Russian 8 T-80BVs, and a T-80U, two BTR variants, a UR-77 and more vehicles near Izium. Also they able to captured BREM1M armoured recovery vehicle (ARV).

Video: Ukrainian forces captured Russian 8 T-80BVs, and a T-80U, two BTR variants, a UR-77 and more vehicles near Izium.

Ukrainian troops also captured few Russian 152mm 2s3 howitzer left behind by retreating Russian forces during the Kharkive offensive. Russian forces have abandoned several tanks due to either their equipments failure to roll, mechanical issues, or fuel shortages. A 2016 model abandon Russian T-72B3 is seen in one video because to faulty tracks.

Video: Lend-lease from Russians. Ukrainian soldiers showed the full Russian ammunition depot that they captured in the Kharkiv direction during the offensive. The “gift” Russian left have been already loaded for the proper use in the next battles.

Ukrainian troops also captured two Russian BM-21 grads and one Ural truck in the Kharkiv oblast. Ukraine also captured one 1L261 Zoopark-1 counter-battery radar system and countless no of rifle ammunition, hundreds of anti tank weapons, automatic grenade launchers. They also manage to captured a  MT-LB multi-purpose, fully amphibious, tracked armored fighting vehicle.

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