Family witnesses a 6-foot snake swallowing a bird whole on their clothesline

This is the moment a 6ft carpet python was discovered getting its mouth around an entire bird while dangling from a Queensland family’s washing line.

The suspended serpent was so busy trying to swallow the corella bird that it ignored snake catcher Stuart McKenzie as he filmed the disturbing discovery.

The python had been waiting for prey below a bird feeder fixed to the top of the washing line at the home in Buderim, Queensland.

The 6ft carpet python hangs from a washing line while wrapping its jaws around an entire corella bird at a home in Buderim, Queensland

Mr McKenzie, from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, warned that bird feeders are common targets for snakes.

He said: ‘This is definitely a warning to anyone who feeds wild birds in their yard.

‘Please be aware that you may also cause snakes to come in after the birds and also encourage rats because of all the leftover seed.

‘This carpet python was hanging out on the family’s clothesline which acted as a bird feeder.

‘It was only a matter of time until it got himself a nice feed of bird!’

The snake edges its mouth around the body of the bird. Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers filmed the snake after being called out to deal with it

Carpet pythons are able to open their jaws up to five times wider than their head to swallow their prey.

On this occasion Mr McKenzie was able to get up close with the carpet python because it was busy eating.

However, he recently shared a video of a python lunging at him.

The clip from four years ago shows the longest carpet python that McKenzie has ever seen.

While trying to film the enormous snake, it lunged at him.

McKenzie said the snake was angry ‘as soon as I went near him’.

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