Dinosaur-eating super monster 12m “appears” in the Sahara desert

An ancient alligator mecca with what looks like hybrid monsters could be the death ground of dinosaurs.

In collaboration with National Georaphic, paleontologist Paul Sereno from Oregon State University – USA has presented the “treasure” he possesses from 2 decades of excavation and research.

According to Dr. Sereno, the Sahara 100 million years ago was a swamp. Indeed, there have been a number of dinosaur fossils unearthed here. But that’s not all. Sahara also has crocodiles, of all shapes and sizes, including running super crocodiles that are nothing short of dinosaurs and are several times larger than most dinosaurs.

Dr. Sereno – (Photo: ORAGON State University).

In the prepared documentary, the paleontologist said he would detail the Sarcosuchus specimen, also known as SuperCroc, that he had found since 1996. Several skeletons of the same species were found by him. excavated years later in Niger, but SuperCroc is still the largest.

The latest studies that calculate the size of the animal based on the size of the skull show that it must be more than 12m long, with a head as long as Dr. Cereno’s own height.

SuperCroc crocodile – (Photo: OREGON UNIVERSITY)

The paleontologist also revealed the latest finds from treasures he has returned to many times over the years, including a DocCrog (Dog Crocodile, scientifically named (Araripesuchus wegeneri), whose high legs and very good nose, looks like a dog.

Meanwhile, a specimen named DuckCroc (Duck Crocodile – Anatosuchus) is only 0.91 m long but attracts attention because it looks like a hybrid product between a crocodile and a platypus. RatCroc (Rat Crocodile – Araripesuchus rattoides) 0.6 m long, decided to leave amphibian life, go to live on land and possess rodent incisors to dig holes.

PancakeCroc (Laganosuchus) has a huge flat jaw, specialized in lying open for hours in the water to wait for its prey, while BoarCroc (Kaprosuchus) looks like a wild boar and can also chase you as quickly as possible. wild boar if it’s alive.

In the latest research, this American paleontologist recreated that strange crocodile world with the help of CT techniques and forensic artists.

The results will be detailed in the National Geographic documentary When Crocs Ate Sinosaurs.

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