An Incredible 11,500-Year-Old Wooden House, Discovered In Britain

This 11,500-year-old wooden cabin, 6,000 years older than Stonehenge, is one of the most important buildings in Great Britain.

It served as a shelter from the winds and storms that hit hunters at the end of the last ice age. A few pieces of the 11-foot-wide building have been dated to at least 8,500 BC.

Ancient find: Manchester University student Ruth Whyte on the archaeological dig in Flixton near Scarborough which has unearthed an 11,000-year-old tree and remains

The cabin did not survive. But, archaeologists found 18 wooden posts, arranged in a circle with the center of the structure hollowed out.

According to researchers, in this center there was perhaps a chimney or that there was moss or grass. Dr Conneller of the University of Manchester, the cabin had been around for several years and over time was abandoned.

Pictures from the dig where archaeologists believe that one of the first houses in Britain may have been buried


Archaeological excavations have revealed remains such as flint, wooden tools, hooks and pearls.

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